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My Go-To Phrases as a Child Therapist & Parent

1. All behavior is communication.

2. ABC. Always be curious.

3. Connection before correction.

4. They’re not GIVING me a hard time. They’re HAVING a hard time.

5. I can be right or I can be in relation with another. I can’t always be both.

6. I can take the time to meet the child’s emotional needs or I can spend time dealing with the

behaviors that result from the unmet needs. Either way, I’m spending time.

7. Don’t give a lecture to someone who simply needs a hug.

8. Kids do well when they can.

9. If I rule with oppression, I must expect resistance.

10. Does this conversation require advice or simply validation?

Let's normalize connection and relationship over control and obedience. Our children and the world are starving for it.

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