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Behavior is communication and when children feel well, they behave well! During individual therapy, the therapist will allow your child to take the lead, thereby providing them space to explore and process whatever is causing them really big feelings, at their own pace, within a safe and playful setting. Play therapy techniques, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy will all play a role in helping your child regulate emotions, meet developmentally appropriate expectations, find his or her strengths and regain self-confidence.

Individual Therapy

When we know better, we do better! During family therapy, each member of the family will have the opportunity to have their thoughts and feelings heard and validated. Using games, activities, and talk

therapy approaches, your family will build effective communication skills, establish healthy and

appropriate boundaries, and begin to feel like the connected unit you were always meant to be.

Family Therapy



Parenting is the hardest job in the world and yet doesn't come with a manual!

During the course of  your child's individual therapy, we will meet to discuss your child's progress

and provide you a sense of support, validation, and understanding in your journey through parenthood.

Parent Consultation


​As humans, we are wired for connection, and sometimes the best way to heal is

among other like-minded individuals. Child Therapy Groups will address topics such as

social skills, communication, conflict resolution, and self-esteem.

Group Therapy
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